I wanted to write an article today. I wanted to write about what happened yesterday, when migrants attacked a bus, carrying students from Kecskemét, who were travelling to London for a study-competition. I wanted to write about what we all felt while watching the news, listening the summary of teachers who were with the kids. I wanted to write about the fear, that stunning death-fear, what these poor Hungarian pupils had to face. The fear, that was brought to a whole generation of Europeans by the traitors of the continent, ranging from the normie pro-migrant activist to the leaders in Bruxelles, from the politicians who constantly speak about false-problems to the journalist who writes about nazi-threat.

Finally, I decided not to write the article. The life invalidated it.


The same day, teenage girls prepared for the party of the year in Manchester. They knew nothing about the attack against the bus, because it was not in the news. If it’d had been there, they probably wouldn’t have watched it either. A normal 12 year-old girl doesn’t watch the news before the concert of Ariana, instead she plans which trousers matches to which blues and gets anxious over whether her best friend comes or not, hoping they’ll have permission from their parents to drink something at their favourite place after the concert. They didn’t even think about, that many of them will have no „after the concert” and others will spend that time in hospital, or crying while hugging their parents in front of the arena.

So I should write about the recent terror attack.

But I can’t. I can’t find the proper words for the politics, which lets invaders massacre their own children for the sake of the glorious integration. And this is happening in countries, with the strongest economy and members of the strongest military alliance. Is it even possible to explain such things? Is there any analysis existing, which leads to a reasonable conclusion to this nonsense situation?

So I’m not writing an article. I just wrote this post, and rather give a hug to my daughter. I’m promising her that when she grows up and becomes a teenager, we’ll reconquer Europe.

We’ll do it, right???