Interview with Generace Identity of Czech Republic


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Hungarian and Czech Comrades



1. How long is the Generation Identity in your country existing and what

were the intentions to found it?

Generation Identity in Czech republic were founded in 2013. The main intentions were introduce new and fresh social and political ideas of identitarianism in Czech rep. and also bring new forms of activism and political work. For example, GI refused anonymity which was relatively common in czech nationalist organizations. Also we are focused on non-violent direct action, as like blockade of refugee camps.

2. Could you tell us in details, about your fields of activity and the goals you already achieved?

Well, because of little different situation in Western Europe and Czech republic, many of our activities is on fields of charity and also culture and society, although we see the biggest threat for Europe in immigration and islamization. For example, we organize Christmas fund for needy people (of european descent of course) – our intention is not to substitute government, but mainly lead by example, learn people about natural solidarity.
Our main activity is defend and promoting european and czech ethno-cultural identity, which contains struggle against EU, americanization and islamization and immigration in general, as well against cultural marxism of course. As I said, we´re focused on direct actions, happenings and so on, however even workshops or lectures. I think, we are succesful in fields of people education about our ideas and breaking the massmedia blockade.

3. How the czech people reacted about you, what was the public opinion?

We have very good responses from public. I guess it is because of overall mood in czech society, which is strongly against immigration, as like EU or NATO and globalism in general. On the other hand, it also brings a complication, that  there are many anti-immigration organizations is in the Czech Republic and the member or activist potential is distributed among them.

4. What do you think? Is there any difference between the upcoming challenges of western- and eastern-european identitarians?

Yes. As I mentioned, we in eastern Europe haven´t so much problems with immigration, thank God, because majority of immigrants want go to Germany, Sweden, France or Great Britain. Instead, there is much bigger problems in social sphere, as like unemployment, low wages and pensions, etc. But, we must also earns our responsibility for Europe. We must fight together with our western-european friends for Europe as homeland for Europeans and for our common identity, for our glory Reconquista.

5. What about your foreign relations? In which countrie’s identitarians do you have connections?

We have good connections with all identitarian groups in Europe, in France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Poland… and now in Hungary.

6. What are your future plans?

It´s simple. We want spread the identitarian ideals in our country and fight for it. But, to be specific, we are going to organize series of lectures in czech cities to promoting our movement. We also want continue in direct actions.

7. Lately you visited us in Budapest. What were your intentions about Budapest and Hungary? Is there anything you would like to tell to the  hungarians who read this article?

When I was in Budapest, I could not miss the opportunity to meet with Hungarian identitarians. I am glad to see identitarian movement growing. I must say, Budapest is beautiful city and unlike many other european cities (including Prague unfortunately), still keeps its distinctly European character. I don´t know if you know that, but Hungarians are strongly popular in my country, because you refused political correctness and EU dictatorship.  At the end I would like to say few words. You, Hungarians have a great history. In 1956, you have risen up against occupation of your country. Ten years ago you´ve risen again, against corrupt government. Today, your country may be vanguard of european self-confidence and self-awareness. Please join us in our european identitarian movement, represented by Identitás Genéracio in Hungary, to struggle against globalism, multiculturalism and liberalism for european reconquista, for our homelands, freedom and preservation of european people. Long live sacred Europe!

Generation Identity Hungary